AT-AT Backpack

You usually don’t think of the AT-AT from “The Empire Strike Back” as a cute and cuddly backpack, but one company begs to differ.

Comic Images is bringing out the cool backpack, which comes to us from Fashionably Geek. It’s part of their line of Back Buddy backpacks. It’s scheduled to go on sale in June. They don’t seem to have announced an official retail price, but the current line of Back Buddy backpacks have an MSRP of around $45, so it’s reasonable to assume that the AT-AT backpack will sell for about that much as well.

If you do get this thing, however, just beware of Luke Skywalker trying to trip you by shooting a cable around your legs. If you like this, we have a couple of other geeky lists which happen to feature Star Wars backpacks here and here.

(Yes, I know that last one was a list of Christmas gifts. It might be too late for Christmas or you might not even celebrate it anyway, but Star Wars mechandise is good all year round. Just consider yourself early for next Christmas. Or just buy something for yourself.)

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