Feel The Force of the Angry Rebel Tees

You do not need to be angry to wear an Angry Rebel t-shirt. In fact you would be super cool sporting one of them. Two fictional worlds have been fused into one to come up with a range of designer tees for both the sexes.

Glasgow bases Steven Anderson, a graphic designer and an obsessive Star Wars fan, has mashed up the worlds of Star Wars and Angry Birds and created images that look rather cute.

If you have been playing the Angry Birds game you will have no problem recognizing these wingless birds. Wingless, they may be, but they are well prepared to take on the evil swine force. You can spot those arched eyebrows and raised eyeballs which tell you not to mess with them. Armed in a Star Wars fashion they are sure to be one of the most invincible characters around.

A couple of birds from the game have been picked for the designing of these shirts. Some shirts bear all the selected birds while some have only a couple or just a single character. The characters being depicted here are named in a mixed manner. We have Tees depicting the Angry Red Squadron, Angry Luke, Angry Chewie and Han, Lord Vader and Swine Troopers and the Angry Rebels. This is some mighty force that is ready to take on every challenge.

The idea of this mixing up was a pretty smart move. Who is not aware of Star Wars? We have all grown up seeing the Star Wars movies and are still witness to its never dying popularity. Over the decades there have been various films, video games on various platforms, television series, toys and scores of merchandise. Angry Birds are a recent entry into the scene compared to Star Wars but their popularity has also caught on pretty fast. This video game is available on various platforms and has merchandise being designed around it.

This range of casual wear can be said to be just another addition to the line of merchandise that both have to their credits. But the big difference here is that they are fused into one to create a completely new set of design, a design that cannot fail to attract attention. Different characters have different shirt colors designated to them. And each color adds on to the design of the character it sports. Available in cuts for both guys and girls they are definitely going to be a hit with the youth.

Every fashionista like me is sure to get attracted to these tees! However, an Angry Bird game fan will just not mind looking at Angry Birds Nails, Angry Birds Graffiti and Angry Birds USB Flash Drive.

Via: Shirtoid