It’s All Safe With the Angry Birds USB Flash Drive

The Angry Birds became instant hits ever since they appeared on the scene. The market is flooded with Angry Bird merchandises. You get almost everything from toys to clothes – not only for kids but also for adults. Now comes along a brand new entrant in the list of Angry Bird merchandise – the Angry Bird USB flash drive key chains.

Angry Birds are well known for protecting their eggs from a pack of ‘evil’ green pigs. Now they will not only keep their eggs intact but will also help you keep all your data safe. The USB drives are available in a wide range. There are various characters to choose from. You can make your choice from among the Red, Yellow, Blue, White or Black birds. Or if you want to have a Green Pig character you can get that one too. The four different pigs that you can choose from are helmet, crown, mustache and the regular one. As an Angry Bird fan you can definitely get your favorite bird. Or you can even build up your very own Angry Bird collection.

The variations are not only in the characters but also the storage capacity. These flash drives are available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB data capacities. Made from soft silicone material they guarantee high speed transfer performance.

These birds do look angry but at the same time you fall in love with them. If you have played the Angry Birds game you too must have become their fan assisting them in fighting the pigs. The game was developed by Finland based Rovio Mobile. It was first released in December 2009 for Apple’s iOS but its popularity led to versions being created for PCs and gaming consoles. The Angry Birds board game is also soon expected to be released.

The game is all about a group of stylized wingless birds pitched up against a group of green pigs. The pigs constantly try to steal the birds’ eggs while the birds try to protect them. Players are supposed to launch these Angry Birds at the pigs with the help of sling shots. The aim is to destroy the pigs.

While playing the game you may have destroyed a lot of pigs to protect the birds’ eggs. Now get one of the Angry Birds USB Flash Drives and start saving data. The attached key chain ensures easy hanging as well. With an Angry Bird staring at you the task of data transfer is sure going to be an all new experience.

Leave your data transfer hassles on one side when these angry birds are here! In fact, as an Angry Bird fan, you will be surprised to find Angry Birds Nail and Angry Birds iPhone Cases on this site.

Via: Geek Alerts