A Personalized Reality Animated Business Card

animated business card

Business cards are something everyone remembers others by in this world of tough competition, and as often it sums up our professional skills, the presentation and the type of business cards make an impression on everyone.

Boring and cheaply printed and presented business cards leave no mark. Now-a-days, the graphics used on the business card also matters, be it the company logo, or a by line even Animated Business Cards have been invented.

Bringing in a completely new angle to business cards are these Augmented Reality Business Cards created by James Alliban. What you see in the above picture is not fake graphics, it is a 3D version of yourself if and when you would be using these business cards. It looks like the best version of your passport size photographs come alive.

The only catch here is that the card has to be plugged into a computer for the graphic content to be seen, otherwise it can just be another business card and have the contact details on the back. But then in this day and age I am sure graphic business cards will also be used, since most of us are always surrounded with computers in our line of work.

The concept in itself is not so hard to understand, and you could take a better look at the video below.

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Via: GadgetVenue