Undead Super Nintendo Mod Can Kill You (with its looks)

snes mod zombie game

Super Nintendo did everything a good loyal console should do in its times, but then, what happened later on to make the SNES go away? The legendary console died an unnoticed death, but, now, to take it’s vengeance, the phenomenon is back, but in a rather ghastly SNES Mod.

This cool but spooky Super Nintendo mod is something quite a work of a modding genius, don’t you agree? With the perfectly functional console completely defaced, the console even glows in the dark, which further adds to the spooky effect. The added button eyes, the blood splatter coat and the completely roughed up look well compliment the nightmarish effect.

I guess Mario and Luigi’s essence must have possessed it. Do whatever you may, but don’t ever try to stomp or slap the console if it doesn’t works (by the way, this SNES mod features a fully functional and perfectly working console), because, who knows, it may just take over your spirit. And if horror is not your genre then you may take a look at the PIMP Nintendo mod, which will help you reveal the real gangsta within you!

Via: SlipperyBrick