Anonymous Launch Cyber Attack Against Israel over Palestine

They oppose Scientology, homophobia and corrupt corporations, but now, protest group Anonymous have launched a cyberattack on a whole, entire country ; Israel.

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As Gil Scott-Heron once wrote in song, the quote ,‘The Revolution Will Not Be Famous’, is, in this modern time of TVs and small screens and of screens that are so small they can fit in your pocket, exactly true. The revolution won’t be televised, it will be digitised and cyber-based and fought outright on the Internet with DDOS attacks and site outages and via leaked government documents released on pastebin. At the forefront of this are the hacktivist group (hacking activists), Anonymous. A group synonymous with political rebellion in these modern times, they’ve taken on all sorts of injustices, like homophobia, corrupt corporations and even the entirety of Wall Street (Anonymous were famous supporters of the Occupy movement) but now, due to the country’s conflict with Palestine, Anonymous are now taking on Israel.

Frustrated at Israel’s behaviour over the Israel-Palestine conflict (in which the two nations, Israel and Palestine have been at war since the early 20th century) Anonymous have launched a full scale cyberattack against the country’s government.

Speaking out just last week, the group stated that they would “disrupt and erase Israel from cyberspace” as they felt that the Israeli government had “crossed a line in the sand.” As a result, on April 7th, Anonymous took to the destruction of over a dozen official, Israeli sites belonging to the country’s government, as well as the hacking of Israeli owned Facebook profiles and non-government Israeli sites. Some of the sites involved included the Israel Police website, the Ministry of Defence, the Prime Minister’s Office and the site of the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Altogether, in a tweet from their ‘Op_Israel’ Twitter account (what they are calling the attack on Israel) Anonymous report that “he “partial” damage of their operation is as follows


Curiously, whilst that $3 billion figure is being reported by Anonymous, the Israeli government have denied the claims, with Yitzhak Ben Yisrael, from the Israeli government’s National Cyber Bureau, instead saying that

 “So far it is as was expected, there is hardly any real damage, Anonymous doesn’t have the skills to damage the country’s vital infrastructure. And if that was its intention, then it wouldn’t have announced the attack ahead of time. It wants to create noise in the media about issues that are close to its heart.”

Whether Anonymous chooses to retaliate with another attack on Israel’s cyber presence has yet to be seen, but if the group’s past behaviours are anything to go by, Anonymous are unlikely to do nothing.

Source : cnet

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