11 Best Memes of Elon Musk’s New Cybertruck

A few days ago, Tesla’s Founder & CEO, Elon Musk has revealed their new and weird looking Cybertruck at an event in Los Angeles. During the event, the company showed (or at least tried to show), how durable their new car is, however, their new Cybertruk’s test didn’t really go as expected.

During the Cybertruck demo demonstration, the Cybertruck bulletproof windows were unexpectedly broken, leaving Elon and the rest of the Tesla staff shocked and embarrassed. Let’s agree the new Tesla Cybertruck isn’t ready for production just yet.

This embarrassing moment didn’t stop people to buy the new Cybertruck model. Tesla’s loyal fans still showed a vote of confidence in Elon’s and Tesla’s Cybertruck vision ordering more than 146,000 orders in just two days. That’s impressive.

Below are the best ten and most hilarious Cybertruck and Elon Musk memes that are currently breaking the internet.

This is one way of looking at the bright side of life:

I like Elon’s Musk attention to details in such a young age 🙂

Here is another meme that laughs about the Tesla Cybertruck design, does it really looks like the Netgear router?

Oh, I see how they got the Cybetruck Idea now:

Another joke about Tesla’s Cybertruck design:

Tesla’s Cybetruck can easily fit in a star wars movie. It’s time for the new bulletproof Cybertruck to join the rebellion.

Bladerunner movie saw the new Cybertruck coming…

When Tesla’s Cybertruck and Disney’s lighting McQueen meets.

Did we miss out on some good Elon Musk’s Cybertruck memes? Please let us know in the comments below. At the end of the day maybe Elon just did it for the memes.