Apple Launches iOS 13.1.1 Update to Fix Critical Security Issue

iOS 13.1.1 update fixes security issue

iOS 13 was released on the 19th of September and it was soon revealed that there may be security issues. This prompted the tech giant to release the 13.1 update on the 24th of September, along with iPadOS. Now, the Cupertino behemoth has been forced to launch yet another update, iOS 13.1.1. This update has been specifically released to fix a security issue that allowed third party keyboards on iOS 13 full access to devices. 

This means, if you are using third party keyboards and have iOS 13 or 13.1 installed, your data can potentially be transferred over the internet without your permission. iOS 13.1.1 fixes this critical issue and it is recommended for all users to quickly update to this version. iOS 13.1.1 update also fixes the battery drain issue that most users have been complaining about in the last few days. 

Let us take a quick look at some of the other improvements that come along with iOS 13.1.1.

iOS 13.1.1 update improves Siri performance

1. Improve Siri recognition

Many users complained that Siri was unable to recognize voice and was not performing as well as it used to before. The latest release fixes this issue and ensures that everything you say is understood by Siri correctly. Siri’s performance has been improved on iPhone 11. 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max as well, although most people will only now have begun to use those devices anyway. 

2. Fix syncing issues in Reminder

Some users noted that they were not able to sync Reminders quickly and correctly. While some users felt the syncing took too long, others noticed that not was not done correctly anyway. The latest update fixes this issue and ensures that all your Reminders are synced back and forth correctly, without any hurdles. Surely, this will ensure that your Reminder alerts will continue to keep you productive. 

3. General improvements in performance 

There were issues with restoring from backup, according to some iPhone users. Either the restoring would halt in the middle or it would take too long to restore from backup. This caused problems to many iPhone users, resulting in frustration. The latest update fixes this issue and I proves the general performance of your device. 

All is still not well with iOS 13.1.1 update

If you thought all your problems will be solved when you update to 13.1.1, you are in for some disappointment. Many users complain that even when the iPhone reveals full bars, data seems to drop. Users complain that they are unable to get good reception and connectivity in places such as subways, though the phone’s network indicator bars reveal that there is full network coverage. Many have discovered that toggling between airplane mode or cellular data does not resolve this issue either. However, switching the phone off and on seems to fix this particularly annoying problem. Surely, Apple will release an update to fix this error too, in the coming few days. 

 iOS 13.1.1 update is available now

Meanwhile, all you need to do is go to Settings, click on General, and choose “Software Update” in order to update to the latest version of iOS. Make sure to backup all your data before you update to iOS 13.1.1. Although nobody has complained about data loss, it is always good practice to make a backup of your existing data before updating your operating system. If you continue to face issues with your iPhone performance even after updating to 13.1.1, do let us know your specific issue in the comments section below. Hopefully, it will be picked up by an Apple executive in Cupertino!

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