Apple music unveiled at WWDC 2015

Apple used their WWDC15 developer’s conference to announce the much teased Apple Music, the system with which they intend to compete with Spotify for streaming subscriptions.

Apple Music 1

For a while now rumors have been floating around of how Apple were preparing something related to the streaming of music, in order to compete with Spotify. Yet now it is official, and their new system Apple Music has been unveiled at the latest WWDC, in their “one more thing” segment. The new system was introduced by Tim Cook, who has been the visible face of the company ever since Steve Jobs passed away.

This service offers, at its core, the same as Spotify – yet this version is backed by the gigantic catalog of music and artists present on iTunes (with over 37 million songs), and it is scheduled to release on June 30th in over 100 countries under two subscription models. There will be a three month free trial for iTuens users, at that. The first option costs $9.99 USD for a single user, but if someone wanted to share their subscription with their family, they can use up to 6 active accounts for $14.99 USD. The big bit of news, though, this is not restricted to PC, Mac and iOS, but will be officially released for Android platforms by the end of the year.

Apple Music 2

Users will not only be able to listen to the entire iTunes catalog online and via streaming, but will also be able to download those songs they enjoy, to listen to them offline. There will be a section called “For You” where users will get recommendations based not only on what our friends are listening to but also by expert curators that made the call instead of algorithms.

Apple Music will also have the option to play a huge catalog of music videos in HD that already exist in iTunes, on top of the company’s official radio services.Furthermore, there’s many, many podcasts users around the world can download and listen to as well as a new station called Beats One, which will transmit 24/7 from Los Angeles, New York and London with live hosts and DJs.

Apple Music 3

To top it all off, the system will make use of the Connect platform which allows users to follow their favorite artists and interact with them in a platform that looks like a mixture of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – all from the very same iTunes. Are you ready to jump ships, or is this still not enough?

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