Apple announces new OS X El Capitan

Just like every year, Apple did their WWDC presentation today. The big news coming from it were the new OS X iteration, this time titled “El Capitan”.


Apple have a new OS underway, freshly announced at their WWDC 2015 conference, their big annual event for developers. This new OS X follows the same naming convention as Yosemite, and instead of being named after big felines it has the denomination of some big formations from California, in this case a big vertical formation inside the Yosemite National Park. Along with this new version we’re getting several improvements but few changes, as this newOS is aimed towards refining stability and improving its looks rather than getting new features and major changes out there. For example, one of the big changes is replacing the traditional Helvetica Neue for Apple Watch’s San Francisco typeface, a new font designed internally which will subtly affect the general look of the OS.

According to Apple’s vicepresident Craig Federighi, the core of the experience is making El Capitan “more expressive. These new changes include subtle improvements in the interface to switch in between apps, or features such as shaking the mouse so the pointer will momentarily grow and you never lose it. Another interesting change is that Safari will now have pinned sites, which will remain on the tabs and load automatically for users, as well as signals that indicate which windows are emitting sound so users can close or mute them with a simple gesture.


With the new OS X, the focus is also on performance. El Capitan loads 1.4 times faster that its predecessor Yosemite, with reduced memory consumption too. Federighi also talked about a new technology called Metal for Mac, which allows a direct connection in between the hardware and GPU to hasten some processes. Thanks to this, the performance of 3d related functionalities (be it gaming or design, for example) will be accelerated “up to ten times”.

El Capitan will be available for developers as soon as the conference is over, and will roll out to users as a fall update.

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