Archipod Garden Office Offers Comfort and Privacy

One of the many advantages of working from home is that you do not have to commute to an office faraway, and you would be close to your family at all times.

However, working from a home office has many disadvantages including distractions, increased costs in terms of heating or cooling the entire house, rising electricity bills and of course not being able to separate personal life from professional life. Thus, office pods which can be used at one’s own home have been pretty popular and they are not a new concept either.

Archipod Garden Office is a standalone office space that is specifically designed for a professional environment within one’s own backyard. The pod offers a compact and tiny space from which you could work in a cosy atmosphere, without having to travel anywhere far from your house. Moreover, you would be able to safely demarcate personal and professional lives and create a space for yourself right in your garden. The Archipod is also quite easy on the bureaucratic aspect, as it may not require you to get any sort of building permit or construction permit.

It would allow you to save on heating and air-conditioning costs, as you would just have to heat the tiny pod and not the entire house. Distractions are reduced, and outside noise is reduced to a bare minimum. Some of the other cool features are gull wing door, cedar shakes, concealed mood lighting and of course, a very chic interior that would make you feel like a CEO of a big company.

It almost costs $25,000, which is a little on the expensive side. However, if you were looking for a futuristic garden office pod, Archipod might just be what you need! You could also take a look at the Transport Perceptual Pod and the World of Warcraft Pod, which caters to people with certain other kinds of geeky interests.