Awesome 4th of July Outfits to Celebrate Like a True Patriot

Celebrating Independence day on July 4 is more than just going to a party or watching fireworks: It’s about dressing up for the part, be it a bikini or swimsuit for a day on the beach, or the right kind of t-shirt, to be funny and patriotic at the same time.

American Flag Bikini – 4th of July Swimsuits

american_flag_bikini 4th of july swimsuits

There’s something wonderful about the blend of patriotism and summer. Thank goodness that Independence day is on the 4th of July and not in the middle of January, because what would we do without American flag bikinis? You can get this bikini for $34

USA Jumpsuit

FUUNY 4th of July Outfits

Adults wear onesies too, they’re not just for babies. And if there was ever a time to put on a U.S.A jumpsuit, it’s the 4th of July. You can get it for $65.

Patriot Swimsuit

patriot 4th of July Outfits swimsiut

On American soil or abroad, it’s nice to let people know you’re happy to be celebrating Independence day, even if you’re out on the beach or chillin’ poolside. You can get it for $40

USA Flag Dress

DRESS AMERICA 4th og july women dress

There’s also a fancier version of celebrating Independence day: A nice, cute summer dress, which is good for the casual BBQ you’re having, or something a bit more formal. You can get this dress for $36.

Dream Team Tank Top

fourth of july outfits 2016The dream team shirt costs $23, and if you’re planning on looking a little bit more creative, going with some nice Mount Rushmore presidents looking cooler than ever, these Tees are for you. Women’s USA Dream Team Tank TopMen’s Dream Team Tee

Funny Women 4th of July Tops

Funny women 4th of july tops

You don’t have to be serious on the 4th of July, it’s a day of celebration of more than just independence; it’s an excuse for a party. So why not do it with a little bit of humor on the side?

All tops retails for $23 , you can get them here.

Guys T-Shirts

4th of july men shirtsWhat we wrote before about humor? Guys are allowed to have fun too on July 4. It’s in the constitution. You can get the Party like a patriot tee here and the bless america here.

Fanny Packs

funny FANNY PACKS 4th of july

Fanny packs are never cool, except for the one day of the year when they are. Yes, it’s OK to have these on July 4, and you need a beer or five hanging off your waist. They cost $16-$20.

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