15 Awesome Game of Thrones Artworks to Fill the Void

The Game of Thrones TV Show is going on a longer than usual hiatus, preparing for the final 15 (???) episodes, probably split into two seasons. The next book in A Song of Ice and Fire (The Winds of Winter), the book series the TV show is based on, is still one huge question mark. So how do we fill the void? We begin by enjoying the incredible artwork done by fans and professional artists for various projects related to the fantasy series.

Arya checking a name off her list / Inna-Vjuzhanina

Arya Faceless Man

Cersei in all her green glory / Inna-Vjuzhanina


Remembering Hardhome / patrickballesteros


Cleganebowl, Get Hype / ertacaltinoz


The Mountain vs The Viper / DenisM79

Mountain vs the Viper

Sandor & Sansa (Wishful thinking…) / bubug

Sandor & Sansa

The Bolton family during happier times / Thrumugnyr

The Bolton Family

Arya & Nymeria / Cryptid-Creations

Arya & Nymeria

A Knight, Maiden & Bear / 1oshuart

Knight, Maiden & a Bear

Theon Greyjoy (Reek) / Kep-Trefler

Book Theon

Theon is sorry / Thrumugnyr

Reek Weirwood

King Robb marching South / zippo514

King Robb marching south

Stopping Joffrey (ACOK) / bubug

Clash of Kings scene

The mysterious Coldhands / mustamirri


House Stark during better days / Gigei

House Stark

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