Baby Geek R/C Ducati is a Childhood Essential

In addition to stocking the best collection of products filled with that awesome molecule caffeine, the folks over at Thinkgeek have a knack of sourcing products which put the A in awesome. Take this Ducati R/C Motorcycle for instance. Who said toys shouldn’t be taken seriously?

Ducati RC Motorcycle

Though there was nothing kiddy about the recently featured SpyNet video watch apart from its deceiving aesthetics, the Ducati R/C Motorcycle is being touted as the baby’s first R/C Motorcycle. Sure, we all had remote controlled toys in some shape or form growing up, but none matched the toys on Thinkgeek in awesomeness. I totally concur with Thinkgeek when they say that most R/C vehicles available for the under-14 market suck, and I would take their word, they know a terrific toy from a mediocre one.

Ducati RC Motorcycle Remote

This Ducati R/C Motorcycle that looks like a real motorcycle, is meant for ages 2 and up and features big buttons that should be a breeze to use for toddlers, or geeklings, rather. The bike moves forward and backward, and turns left and right. It features some awesome sound effects too, nothing like the puny sound effects of the R/C vehicles from days of yore. You hear the engine rev up as the bike accelerates and there’s a separate sound effect when you accelerate hard. Best of all, the bike is built solidly to withstand the toils of being handled by children.

Ducati RC Motorcycle In Use

With a sale price of $39.99, there’s no reason to miss out on this one if you have an aspiring F1 or Grand Prix driver running amok in your house, unless you’ve got a Ducati with supporting wheels you wouldn’t mind training them on.

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