Geekiest Baby Ever: Baby Stops Crying For Star Wars Theme

The Star Wars theme is epic, and a force to be reckoned, yet we never though it’d also be a great lullaby. Then, this baby appeared and everything we thought stood challenged.


Expect the unexpected! This is the video of a baby that stops crying whenever the Star Wars main theme starts playing. We wonder what would happen if someone played the Imperial March, instead? Their parents explain that they “discovered by accident that the Star Wars Theme Song has magical abilities to calm the baby down. He was screaming and crying in the car one day, and the MP3 player started playing this song and he just stopped. Then, every time after that when he’d be crying for no reason (we knew his diaper was clean, tummy was full, etc.) and we’d play this song, he’d perk right up”. Don’t all parents wish their baby did the same?

Source: Geekologie

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