Flying “Back To The Future” RC Paper Car

The only thing cooler than a Delorean is a flying Delorean. The only thing cooler than a flying Delorean is one made out of paper.

Instructables user Nelson_Yepez came up with the design.

“Like a lot of people I have always been a big fan of the Back to The Future franchise. I have always dream with having a flying Delorean that travels in time but that not being possible (yet) I went with the best next thing,” he said on the Instructables page describing the project.  The Delorean, which is built to scale, is powered by quadrorotor donated by a friend. (At least he didn’t attach it to his dead cat!)

RC Paper Delorean

The car is 12 inches wide, 30 inches long and nine inches high. It also has a working speedometer, and yes, it goes to 88 miles per hour, though you don’t need 1.21 jigawatts to make it fly. It even lights up.

Here’s a video with the lights on and the Delorean in flight. He couldn’t get it to stop spinning, however.

Here’s another view of the lights. It even includes a flux capacitor:

You can see even more pictures on the website and even download instructions on how to build one yourself from the page linked above.

You might want to check out another homemade Delorean made out of LEGO, or you might want to check out some stills from the production of the original movie.