Great Scott! Great Lego DeLorean!

Time travel in storytelling has a colorful history of being used as a means to stir the imagination, and suspend disbelief, of an audience grounded in the here and now humdrum of reality. Much in this same way (and equally as colorful), since 1949, Lego has been encouraging creative, out of the box thinking one brick at a time.

Create and recreate on a miniature scale; it’s a thing of beauty when pop-culture collides with these kid-friendly interlocking blocks. Feast your eyes on this truly inspired Back to the Future tribute created by one dedicated fan and talented Lego mechanic.

While only half of the pieces might be outright recognizable as Lego to the more “casual” block-heads among us (myself included); the the fact that something this to a t in detail was possible out of Lego at all should be the biggest takeaway.

From the keystone feature of the piece, its gull-wing doors, to finer qualities like the care that was put into recreating the inside (driver’s seat and all) creator Maegnus (Randy Sabourin) clearly set out to do the job right; subsequently eliminating the need to go back in time to correct the job at a later date. As Doc Emmett always said, “time-traveling is just too dangerous.”

What’s a time-traveling DeLorean without its eccentric inventor and feisty, if inept at times, sidekick: driver-less, for one. Thankfully, Doc Brown and Marty receive a nod and wrap up what is, as both a fan of the bricks and film-trilogy, a quintessential mash-up of Lego and 80s nostalgia.

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Via: Maegnus