Balloon Lamps Create Happy Living Spaces

Balloons usually remind people of celebration, birthdays, fairs and other such moments which need to be cherished. Of all these things, balloons represent childhood the most and that is perhaps why we carry positive feelings towards them.

Estiluz has unveiled Balloon Lamps which seem as if they are floating in the room. They are designed for children’s room but there is no such rule that an adult can’t have them in their room. In fact, the balloon lamps could be used as party lights and when guests arrive home you could arrange these lamps near the table, closer to the ceiling and even by the couch so that the living room or party area gets a dreamy and floating feel to it.

The lamps look rather delicate and may need to be handled carefully. Nonetheless, it is a great idea to get these lamps to change the ambience and interior decor even if it is for just a short while. The lamps may not be available if we want to order them, as the designers seem to be based in a Spanish-speaking country, with very little information about its price and availability. Nevertheless, you could try sending them an email in order to find out if the Balloon Lamps would be shipped wherever you are.

It might be a good idea to buy more than 3 or 4 balloon lamps in order to create a happy and floating environment. A single lamp may not add intensity to the environment. On the other hand, a single Balloon Lamp may serve the purpose of people who need less stimulating environments. You could also get these Moonlight Glowing Orbs Lamps which are really attractive for outdoor lighting. They can be used on the lawn or by the pool. The Star Wars Character Lamps are great for those who are very geeky and need something that would reflect their personality. If you want something more neutral, the Color-changing Poplight Lamps are great as well.