Opulent Batcave Home Theater for Movie Lovers

If you always wanted something different for your home theater, you might find inspiration in this amazing Batcave inspired home theater that is being built.

It is being built for an elite client in California and it looks like it costs a hell lot of money. The Dark Knight Theater was built with the goal of fusing cozy elements of Wayne Manor with the architectural style of Gotham City. The style that is used in Gotham City is Art Deco, which was a modernist movement back in the previous century. Elite HTS, which has supervised the designing process did not actually build it but provided all the consultation that the makers required to build it.

This 2 million dollars home theater includes a Batmobile, batsuits, 180 degree screen,private cylindrical stainless steel elevator, bat computers and race-car inspired home theater chairs. The library on the left side of the home theater adds to the vintage and run down look of the theater and can be a good idea to borrow, if you are planning to get a home theater similar to this one here.

It certainly is a great way to show the world that you love Batman and that no matter what happens in the world, comic heroes that we grew up loving cannot be tainted by unfortunate and terrifying incidents. The massacre that recently took place in Aurora is fresh in everyone’s minds and it might seem insensitive to talk about a home theater that was inspired by the protagonist of the movie that was being played when the tragedy happened.

However, one must remember that no one can scare people away from what they love and one must not allow ghoulish elements to taint the innocence that superheroes and fictitious characters come with. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Batman Origami Figure that we wrote about recently. Do take a look at the Legotastic Batman as well.