10 Best Bluetooth Portable Speakers of 2016 Under $100

Portable speakers have gained so much popularity. Today you can see people walking around with these tiny speakers in hand. Some time ago, higher audio quality meant paying a premium.


10-best-bluetooth-portable-speakers-of-2016-under-100The likes of JBL and Bose had speakers that were way too costly initially, but now, even they have speakers that are extremely affordable, yet offer premium sound quality. This is a list of the 10 best portable speakers under $100 that offer the best value for money as well as the best price to performance ratio. The list ranges from a little over $10 all the way up to a $100.

AmazonBasics Nano


AmazonBasics have a host of products in each category and what is most attractive about their products is the price. They have quality products that cost much lesser than their competitors. The Nano Bluetooth speaker from AmazonBasics comes in a round design with a silicon handle. It gives about 6 hours of playback and is also splash resistant. You have to buy it because it costs just a bit under $15.

SoundBot SB571


SoundBot is a relatively new brand from California, but their products are extremely good. The SB571 will remind you of the Jawbone Jambox but costs a lot less. It can even compete with the Jambox with its dual 6W speakers and impressive output. This one retails for about $20, and it is an incredibly alluring deal.

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3


This is the number one best seller in Bluetooth speakers on Amazon, and it is no surprise that it has over 12,000 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars.  Cambridge SoundWorks has been around for over 35 years, and the OontZ Angle 3 comes in a triangular design which is beautiful. It is IP5X rated and has a whopping battery of 2,200mAh, just like the ones in some of the smartphones.

DOSS Touch


The DOSS Touch comes in matte black, ocean blue and pearl white. It is the best-selling outdoor speaker on Amazon. The most innovative feature of the DOSS Touch is the capacitive touch sensitive controls. Simply touch and rotate your finger clockwise to increase the volume and in the opposite direction to decrease the volume.

AUKEY SoundTank


The AUKEY SoundTank is one of the toughest looking speakers around. It comes in a wedge design in a combination of black and white which is simply gorgeous. It uses the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology and comes with a mammoth 2,600mAh battery to deliver nearly 30 hours of playback. If endurance is your concern, you should definitely buy the AUKEY SoundTank.

House of Marley EM-JA007-NV Chant Mini


The Chant Mini from House of Marley is made from rustic materials that give it a truly exotic look. It is available in black, navy, blue hemp and green, which is my favorite. This is best suited for listening to music at home as it comes with a single 3W speaker. But mind you, it is fairly loud, and you might be really impressed with this pocket dynamite.

Samsung Level Box


Samsung may not be best known for their speakers. But the Level Box is quite something. It features a premium and minimalistic design. It comes in black and white. The attractive feature about the Level Box is that it features a full metal build along with a metal grille. The edges are chamfered, and the overall looks will make you go for it instantly.

Skullcandy Barricade


Skullcandy Barricade might just be the perfect Bluetooth speaker. It comes with a powerful 10W speaker and dual passive radiators. The large battery promises almost 8 hours of playback time and it is IPX7 rated. So you don’t have to worry if it takes the occasional plunge. The Barricade is also extremely compact considering its features, and you can easily take it around.



This is yet another rugged speaker that looks incredibly menacing. The BRAVEN BRV-PRO comes with a very enticing modular design that allows it to be customized. You can easily attach battery packs, solar charging panel, and even GoPro compatible action mounts. The speaker has IPX7 certification and a large 2,200mAh battery that offers nearly 8 hours of playback time.



The last one on the list is the most expensive at just under a $100, but also the most powerful. The TRAKK GO features a simple design but don’t let the looks fool you. It is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof. The TRAKK GO also has the largest battery among all the speakers mentioned here at 4,400mAh. It gives a solid 12 hours of playback time and sometimes even more than that. The dual 10W speakers inside the GO creates a deafening 20W output which is also the best among all the speakers mentioned here. So If you’re planning to go for the best portable speakers under a $100, the TRAKK GO is your best option.