Best Star Wars Themed Birthday Party Ever

There are geeky themed wedding and super cool ideas for birthday parties, but the best parents of all time (or maybe just parent) decided to go all-out on Ruby’s 6th birthday, making it the most Star Warsy one ever made.

The pictures were posted by Imgur user Taylorxbug and tell the story of a party that maybe some of the kids didn’t completely understand the references in, but I’m pretty sure the parents (at least the cool ones) couldn’t have been anymore delighted with.

The Lightsaber Cake

Lightsaber cake

Yoda Telling People to Use Forks

Yoda Forks

Darth Vaders Has a Party Treat Named After Him

Darth Cheddars

The Most Awesome Hair Design Ever Turned Into Deliciousness

Leia Buns

Remembering Han Stuck in Carbonite by Eating Jello

Carbonite Jello

Ewoks do Look Tasty

Ewok Treats

The Sweetest Name For Creepy Looking Cookies

Wookie Cookies

Obi Wan’s Food on a Stick is About Staying Healthy

Obi Wan

These Don’t Look Like Lightsabers to me…

Light Sabres

Save the Stormtrooper, Save the Party

Storm Trooper Bowl

Jabba the Hutt Approves of This Food Reference

Jabba the Hummus

Be Careful Not to Eat Too Many of These

Dark Side Chips

The Force is Strong With These Bottles

Jedi Juice

Cool Bottles

And More Fun at Han Solo’s Expense

Han Rolos

Star Wars isn’t used just to decorate birthday parties, as you can tell from these Star Wars Wedding Rings or this awesome Geeky Star Wars Yoda Cake.