Bio-Degradable Coca Cola Bags Replace Iconic Bottle

A new Coca Cola bottle design throughout Central America is actually a plastic bag. This helps keep costs down and is good for the environment!

We all know the iconic Coca Cola bottle, which, to be honest, looks like a curvy model, with its unique contouring and shape. However, what many people do not know is that rather than drink Coca Cola out of these bottles, many men and women throughout Central America actually drink Coca Cola out of a plastic sandwich bag. Why is this? Simply put, the cost of the bottle itself plus the fee for recycling raises the price, making it too expensive for even the most addicted Coca Cola drinkers.

In an effort to provide an easier way to drink…and promote further branding, Coca Cola has come up with “The Coca Cola Bag.” This bag is in the same shape of the bottle but made out of plastic that is bio-degradable and therefore eco-friendly (way to go Coca Cola). The bag is able to lock in the fizz and provides a more interesting drinking experience. Furthermore, men and women do not have to pay for the bottle, which includes the recycling fee.

Now those who were once unable to afford a nice refreshing Coca Cola can do so on a hot day.

Would you be willing to drink Coca Cola out of a bag? Personally, I find the concept ingenious. Once I am done, I can simply pack up the bag and take it out again whenever I need a refill. Mmmm…now I want Coca Cola. Who’s going to get me a bag?

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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