BlackBerry introduces new retro designs for their flagships

Say what you will about BlackBerry, but they aren’t quitters. Their next big phone, BlackBerry Venice, might include some retro goodies for nostalgic fans.

Blackberry venice 1

Canadian company BlackBerry has had it rough as of late, with diminishing returns on their mobile business that seem smaller and more irrelevant with each new phone they release. Still, that doesn’t mean they’re going down without a fight, and their latest project (without an official name as of now) might combine retro look to please their old fans along with high-end specs.

While there is no official name for this project, the rumor mill claims these new models might be named “BlackBerry Slider” or “BlackBerry Venice”, and have a 5.1 inches screen capable of a 1440 x 2560 resolution, with a slight curvature not unlike the Galaxy Edge – will it be this what it takes to make them relevant once again?

These phones will sport an 8 core processor, along with a 5 mpx front camera and a 16 mpx rear camera, which aren’t particularly impressive but more along the standard line. Still, the true gem in this model is its slider body, not unlike the models they released some 10 years ago.

These phones along with the most recent version of Passport and a Porsche limited edition are all that BlackBerry have in store for users this 2015, which is already raising questions on the company’s future, but at this point in time media sees everything they do as a signal of impending doom – so let’s see how these perform.

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