IPod as a painkiller?

Who would have thought the iPod could also be used as a painkiller?

Ipod Shuffle as a remedy!

This tip and trick is somehow different then the previous ones. It is not a feature within the product itself as much as a way to use the product differently.

Since I was a kid, the Dentist has been my biggest fear, besides World War III, clowns and pigeons. I always tried to avoid the yearly checkups, even though, since I really like chocolate, Coke and other things that ruin your teeth, I knew the checkups were needed. I convinced myself that the only reason these existed was to make more money, and as long as I will brush my teeth daily, I will be fine. Dodging became my yearly routine. One day this routine changed…

A friend of mine asked me if he can borrow my iPod because he needed it for his dentist appointment. It helped him cope with the horrible noise of the infamous dental drill. This actually convinced me that the best remedy to “my” dentist fear was to listen to music while the dentist took care of my teeth.

I finally gathered up the courage a month later and went to the dentist, bringing with me my iPod Shuffle. In order to make sure I would not be able to hear the drill, I searched for software to help boost the volume of the iPod such as:
Pod Volume Booster, euPOD, and goPod. After some consideration, I realized the volume was high enough and it is somewhat ridiculous to fix your teeth and at the very same time ruin your hearing abilities.

Next time you are going to the dentist my advice would be to take a music player with you. I personally will prefer to even listen to Michael Bolton instead of hearing the awful, scary sound of the dental drill. I promise you won’t regret it!