Build your own home cinema projector

A few years ago, I used to spend a lot of time on eBay trying to spot attractive bargains for LCD screens and video projectors. Auctioning sites are an excellent place to find out about price levels and market demand but they also provide impostors and swindlers with a stage. In the eBay offerings you’ll often find DIY and step by step books that will tell you how easy it is to make a video projector yourself using only a cardboard box and an old LCD screen. Out of curiosity I decided to invest the $39.99 to purchase such an online book but, to my great disappointment, I never received it. Not only was I upset about losing my money but I was frustrated I wouldn’t get a chance at building the projector.

All this time, I thought the whole “build your own projector” was a scam and that it was technologically impossible to realize until I found this cool video on Youtube where you can see how to do it yourself. In fact, using an LCD monitor, an overhead projector, a cooling fan and a little of your time you can actually create your own home cinema projector.
You don’t need to spend a foolish 40 bucks, just check out the video to find out.