IPhone surviving the ultimate scratch & crash test

When I first removed my new black video iPod out of the box, I couldn’t help wondering at the elegance of the design and the nobility of the materials used by Apple. Nevertheless, such beauty comes with a high purchasing price and maintenance risk, and I realized that my investment needed protection. Thus, before even switching on my newly acquired device, I ran to the nearest computer shop and purchased a silicon case with a plastic front shield, the one that seemed the most resistant. Although I was happy I’d be able to keep my iPod shiny and scratch free for a prolonged period of time, I also realized the absurdity of the situation. While preserving the aesthetic look of my iPod, I was taking away the very sight of it’s beauty. In fact, I wasn’t any different from those people who wrap up their remote controls or their furniture with nasty plastic sheets to keep them safe from wear and tear.

A couple of years later, when I watched Apple’s Keynote and the iPhone’s introduction, I thought the problem is here to stay. This time it was even worse because the whole front side is a touch screen. Since the new device is a phone, it would be confronted to increased usage inside pockets or handbags. Apparently, as the video below reveals, Apple has finally decoded the curse that lies upon external beauty. They understood that beauty deteriorates when exposed but its essence is to be seen. As a matter of fact, iPhone customers will enjoy a screen that is
scratch free and a phone that is crash proof.

This time I won’t need to rush to the shops to buy the latest iPhone casing.
Check out the video (by PC World)  to see for yourself.