IPod Rock My Teeth Musical Whitening System

Rock My Teeth I have always been amazed of the huge amount of iPod accessories available, and I recently seen a strange one claiming it can whiten your teeth. While it seemed odd at first sight, I must admit that music and teeth can go hand in hand. I personally use my iPod as a painkiller when going to the dentist, so I won’t hear the horrible sounds of the dentist’s drill.

The Rock My Teeth whitening system was invented by Professor Bocelli. It helps you whiten your teeth while listening to music on your iPod or other MP3 players, CD players and even cell phones. This is easy, fun and pain free.

You can independently control the music and the whitening you do. Simply turn up the music to your teeth and reduce it to your ears. Increasing the music to your teeth increases the whitening energy provided to the hydrogen peroxide in the whitening strip. This helps fight tough stains and whitens your teeth faster. Moreover, besides whiter teeth, it gives you fresh breath and provides no mess.

One customer testimonial stated that it was used while in her cubicle at work. Additional testimonials and feedback may be found (here). The site also has a video demo explaining how Rock My Teeth works (here).

The Bocelli Musical Whitening kit is priced at $49.95 and is available on their website. The package includes: a speaker mouth tray, custom earphone cable and 50 whitening strips. All you need to have is a music player.