Charge Your Portable Electronics with the Wind or Sun

Hymini Have your portable electronics ever died on you? Have you ever went camping and weren’t able to charge your cell phone? Has your MP3 player ever ceased to play? What if you could charge your personal gadgets using the natural power of the wind or sun!

The HYmini “is a revolutionary way of capturing renewable power for your iPod, mobile phones, PDA, MP3, [and] camera”. With it you are able to collect power for later use in your other electronics. Hook it up to your bike, car window, or simply go running with it.

With one hour of jogging, you can have enough power for one of the following: take 50 pictures with your digital camera, listen to 2 hours of music on your MP3 player, or talk an additional 15 minutes on your cell phone. Imagine how much power you can produce if you hook it up on your car window and go for a short drive?

Especially with Blog Action Day speaking for the environment in so many ways, this little gadget comes to a good use -it is both practical and environment friendly.

This gadget will be available soon, and you may contact them to be notified as soon as it goes on sale.

Via: Gizmodo

4 thoughts on “Charge Your Portable Electronics with the Wind or Sun

  1. Bryce.

    Imagine how much power you can produce if you hook it up on your car window and go for a short drive?

    Imagine how much energy you could waste if you went for a drive just to charge your phone!

    1. The Walyou Team.

      I’m fairly certain people wouldn’t go for a short drive just to charge it up…but will charge it AS they go for a drive. If the Kid is in the back during a family drive and the music player needs charging…just hang it out the window.

      I love it when people take every single word written so literal, and don’t just use their imagination…as it says: “Imagine”.

  2. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hi Neece, it’s great to see you again.

    I am happy you enjoy our posts.

    Solar chargers have been around for so long that many do not pay attention to them as much. This product caught my eye because it works and charges by your effort. It simply seemed practical to me. Plus, you can also get some exercise out of it…like you said, simply start jogging.

  3. Neece.

    Eran, you find the greatest things. This is amazing! I saw a personal solar charger the other day that was great, but this seems even better to me, with the option for wind. I mean, what if you need to recharge at night? start jogging! 🙂


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