Recover Your Lost or Stolen Gadgets with iHound Software

Have you ever lost an iPod, cellphone or other electronic devices? Has your MP3 player or PDA ever been stolen? Why not recover and find your missing USB products?

I know many people that have lost their music players. These are compact and are easily misplaced. In addition, there are some instances when a product such as this gets stolen from us (see stolen iPod Touch commercial parody). As soon as we realize that our item is gone, we get a certain panic. Many different thoughts run through our head: ‘where did it go?’, ‘it cost so much money’, ‘mom is going to kill me’, etc. iHound Software offers a new and easy way to keep track of your electronic USB connected devices.

With iHound you can find out when your misplaced or stolen electronics are plugged into a different computer. No need for GPS, expensive tracking services or “Missing” Ads. This is a simple service with 3 easy steps:

  1. Register up to 3 devices for free. (As this service progresses, a fee will be determined for additional products).
  2. Set up the software for each product you wish it used for.
  3. Download and install the iHound Software on each of the requested devices.

If your device is taken and plugged into a computer other than your own, iHound notifies you by email of the location of your product.

You can browse a list of compatible USB products here.

Just like Lojack easily recovers your vehicle if stolen, with iHound, it is easy for all of us to find our missing product.


Via: TechCrunch