Robots Improvise Drum Beats in Real Time Action with a Robot

Improvise Drum Beats in Real Time Action with a Robot

How fun would it be to have a drumming partner while sitting at home listening to some tunes?

Whether we are drummers or not, we all like drumming beats on a coffee table or desk. We hear a good tune and begin to beat a nearby object, mimicking the beats. Sometimes we even end up improving (hopefully) on what we hear and improvising new sounds. Wouldn’t it be cool to have an interactive drumming robot to accompany you?

A few students designed a robotic percussionist who listens to your playing and drums with you. This robot listens to the beat and then begins adding its own creation. If your beat gets a little longer, the drumming robot will actually join in with its own improv.

This great video below shows the talent of this robot in real time action. This technology is beautiful.


Via: TechEBlog

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