Routine Vacuum Cleaning Ends With Call to Snake Catcher & One Dead Asian Racer

When emptying out your vacuum cleaner, you’ll sometimes end up finding a surprising thing or two. But snakes? That goes beyond the realm of ordinary surprise.

Snake iRobot Roomba

A small Asian Racer, a non-poisonous species that can be mainly found in the Middle East, around the Mediterranean and the Caucasus, managed to make its way into an iRobot Roomba used to clean the house of an Israeli couple living in Haifa.

The husband was cleaning the Vacuum when he saw the small snake (although they can grow up to 1.5 meters long, this one was much smaller) peaking from the insides of the iRobot. He quickly contacted a snake catcher and sent him some pictures of the snake, not sure if it was alive or dead.

Snake Vacuum

The snake catcher couldn’t quite make an accurate assessment of the whole situation and species through the pictures, so he popped by and got the snake out of the iRobot, finally seeing it was the less dangerous Asian Racer (they do bite) instead of the Viper (poisonous) species common to those parts.

The home of the couple is in the Denia neighborhood of Haifa, which is located on Mount Carmel, which is teeming with wildlife which can get quite close to the homes. The snake catcher surveyed the yard outside to make sure there are no snake nests close to the house; small snakes often indicate something of the sort.

Caught Snake

All’s well that ends well, despite the minor fright to the couple. If anything, it’s now something of a story to tell the grandchildren someday and spook them about snakes in their homes and in weird places. You never know what you’re going to find, even when doing something as mundane as emptying your iRobot.

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Images via Tomer Avni