Easily Take Notes in Your Car

Have you ever needed to make a note of something important while in your car? Has it always been a hassle and an inconvenience to look for a pen, paper and a place to set the two for legible writing?

While we are driving, we hear, see or think of something important, that we may want to come back to later on. Based on our road situation, it is not always convenient or safe to look for something to write this thought or idea with.

The GloWriter is a dashboard mounted, digital “post-it”. It brings the ease of note writing to your vehicle. It is simple to use, has a lit screen for clear visibility, and a storage spot for the pen/eraser that it is used with it. It is powered by either USB or just 2 AAA batteries.

Would you find the GloWriter useful? If you would, it comes out soon and will run for approximately $34.95.


Via: Ubergizmo