Help Fight Poverty With MP3 Nanum Player

World Vision, An International humanitarian organization announced the release of Nanum charity MP3 player which was designed by Samgmin Bae. The proceeds from the sales of this mp3 player will be donated to low-income families with children. Unlike other charity items which donate only a portion of their earnings, World Vision MP3 Nanum is a 100% charity item.

The Nanum unit does not actually have a screen, but it has plenty of useful and cool features. The 1 GB of storage is enough for plenty of music on the go, the USB provides easy connectivity, pop out buttons are different and cool, and it is only 1.1 inches wide on each side…a really compact cube. The Nanum supports different playback versions, and its main difference is the ability to open up and fold out…into a cross shape. North American release date has not been announced, but this MP3 player is available in Korea in the colors of red, white, or green.

Additional pictures can be seen at the Mp3 Nanum product page (in Korean).

From first impression I admit this is a really cool design, and since it is for a good cause, it becomes even better. Don’t you agree?

mp3 Nanum Player

Via: Yanko Design