Share Large Files by Podmailing

Podmailing 1Have you ever tried to send large pictures to a family member only to realize you have stalled your computer? Did you ever attempt to send home videos to friends and canceled before it was sent due to the enormous waiting time? There is a better solution for such file sharing.

With Podmailing, you are able to send large files by the use of Bittorrent. This in fact allows you to send huge videos, music, and pictures without clogging your email and killing your processing power.

At the same time, the recipients will not have their email crash either. They would receive a link to where the file is stored, for easy access and download. Once you send the file, your friends will be notified, and it will be available for them for approximately 4-7 days.

This is one of many solution to share large media and items through the net. If you are already using other efficient methods, which do you prefer?