RoboPorter Carries Your Luggage for You

We are all familiar with the congestion and infinite amount of things that are going simultaneously at the airport. On really busy days, we carry our heavy bags, search for the gate, take off our shoes, remove the laptop from our bag, put the laptop back in our bag, put our shoes back on, and continue to lug our baggage with us. Wouldn’t it be pretty cool if we at least could get rid of the burden of having to carry our luggage or suitcases?

We could always wait for Tony, the robotic luggage to come around and help us or use the RoboPorters in Japan.

RoboPorter 1

Newly added for passengers arriving at Kita Kyushu airport are RoboPorters to assist with your bags. I do not mean an actual, sometimes smiling, human being, but an emotionless robot that will help you lug your bags to their destination. This could be done in two ways: either tell it where the bags need to go, or use its onscreen map to mark the destination.

RoboPorter 2

At first thought I saw this as the lazy man’s amenity, but at second thought…why not? Our luggage are sometimes so heavy, and hundreds of things are going through our mind, including phone calls, time tables, co-travelers, and more. We kind of deserve to be able to focus on the things that we have to do ourselves.


14 thoughts on “RoboPorter Carries Your Luggage for You

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  2. cavdi.

    How would you det the airlines to comply?
    Secondly I ahve a invrntion also I like to find someone yto help me design it and also how do i copyright my design? The robot i cool

  3. Eran Abramson.

    Hi Everyone, thanks for visiting.

    @Garreth: Great idea. Simply a robot to carry our luggage and US. On the way we could stop by and get a cinnamon roll or muffin.

    @Geegee: currently they have it in one airport in Japan. Still not sure when it will come to Heathrow.

    @D: True, it does seem only used for personal travel bags. It is probably made for business execs and such…those that do not want to strain themselves 😉

  4. D.

    Ummm if its to help with heavy bags, why is it so tiny? any bag that would fit on that thing would not be very Heavy IMO, and doesnt look like it carrys more then one bag, which kinda makes it useless, seeing as u usually need a porter when you either have, a very large cumbersome bag, or multiple bags. nd from what i gather from the pictures, this can not handle either of those 2 scenarios..

  5. Geegee.

    At Heathrow Airport, London, you pay at least 8 UK Pounds for a porter. Nice alternative, I always travel with a sh..tload of luggage. But what’s the price?

  6. Eran Abramson.

    Hello Varuka and Shawn, Thank you for your comments.

    @Varuka: For now, the one airport in Kita Kyushu in Japan is trying this out. Hopefully it is as efficient as claimed and will spread throughout.

  7. Varuka Salt.

    This would be great if the airlines got in on this. You could either print out or have a picture on your phone of a bar code that the robot could scan, and take you right where you need to go.


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