A Digital Tattoo Seems Far From Green

Would you like a digital device embeded under your skin which would act as a phone?

Imagine this: your phone is ringing and instead of searching your pockets or bag, you touch your arm and a digital phone tattoo appears, becoming a usable interface for talking and making calls.

Digital Tattoo

Does it sound like Science Fiction? It should be but was actually entered into the Greener Design Competition.

This “concept” continues by suggesting that your blood and glucose will generate the electricity to run this digital tattoo. Moreover, it is an actual permanent device which is embeded under your skin.

Digital Tattoo 2

I understand that the “Green” Trend is a big thing and many designers flock to the need and fame, but it should deserve some kind of feasible theory…don’t you think?

Can we find a few immediate things that are out of the ordinary in this concept?
– Invisible tattoo “activated” by a touch to your skin
– Tattoo is actually a usable phone
– Electricity is created by Blood and Glucose

I am certain we can continue the list and come up with some other reasons why this is not necessarily possible or desired. Either way, if you had a chance to get this kind of tattoo, completely working and usable…would you?

Digital Tattoo 3

Via: Geekologie