Decrease Body Weight and Float on a Treadmill

G Trainer

Would our workout be better if we could decrease our body weight? If we were able to run faster by running at 80% body weight, would we be able to achieve enhanced results? Would an anti-gravity treadmill be a good thing for everyone, or just for rehabilitation?

One of my top exercise choices is running. I enjoy going for a run in the streets, but my feet and knees feel the pain after a prolonged exercise. A while back I switched to a treadmill and noticed that I was able to push myself a lot more. It could be by not feeling the pain caused by running on hard surfaces or maybe by the assistance of the treadmill. Whatever the reason is, my stamina and fitness improved by the use of the actual treadmill.

What if our treadmill could take additional strain off of us, allowing us to push ourselves a little more without causing harm? Does that sound possible?

Alter-G has created the G Trainer Treadmill to take a toll off of our bodies. This exercise machine allows you to float within a slack area while reducing your “exercising” body weight. This provides the ability for increased performance within a comfortable space and full range of motion.

The G Trainer uses technology originally developed by NASA and grants an “Anti-G” feature to exercise with. This could be used for rehabilitation clients, when their injuries and problems may deprive them from regular exercise; their body weight would be reduced while on the treadmill, allowing them to reduce strain on their muscles and joints. Furthermore, it also allows regular individuals to “free up” weight, in order to reach higher goals.

Based on the specs and technology the G Trainer encompasses, the pricing would not be so attractive to some. If it was affordable though, would you want this Anti Gravity Treadmill in your home?

A cool video of the G-Trainer is found below.

Via: TechEBlog