Do It Yourself Laser Home Security

Were you ever amazed at the laser alarms we have seen in many action films? Have you ever wished you could have one for your home? Would a laser security system in your home help you sleep better and leave you at ease when you are away? Now you can make one by yourself thanks to Kipkay.

The Do It Yourself video below provides step by step directions how to make your own laser home security system. It tells you exactly what materials are needed and how to put it all together.

Unfortunately, this DIY project is not as simple as one may hope, since it deserves some soldering, electronics, and actual work. In addition, because it is made as a home security device, it should not be just put together with haste but done correctly.

While it may not be as intricate as the ones we see in the movies, it is pretty impressive and effective.

If you do decide to take on the task of making this project come to life, we would love to hear how it went for you.

Have Fun!