Do It Yourself Laser Home Security

Were you ever amazed at the laser alarms we have seen in many action films? Have you ever wished you could have one for your home? Would a laser security system in your home help you sleep better and leave you at ease when you are away? Now you can make one by yourself thanks to Kipkay.

The Do It Yourself video below provides step by step directions how to make your own laser home security system. It tells you exactly what materials are needed and how to put it all together.

Unfortunately, this DIY project is not as simple as one may hope, since it deserves some soldering, electronics, and actual work. In addition, because it is made as a home security device, it should not be just put together with haste but done correctly.

While it may not be as intricate as the ones we see in the movies, it is pretty impressive and effective.

If you do decide to take on the task of making this project come to life, we would love to hear how it went for you.

Have Fun!

30 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Laser Home Security

  1. gaurang.

    dear tai siach,
    I like your project on laser base home security.

    Would you please tell me, list of components requried for the
    reciver circuit so whehnlaser beam get distract siren will get on.
    or wher i will get this circuit.


  2. gaurang.

    dear tal siach,
    i like your project of laser home security. can you sujjest how can i make pcb cicrcuit so whenever this laser beam distract.
    siren will get on.

    would you please give list of spares to make this part of circuit


  3. ken.

    Can the laser detector be customized to detect a foreign object in a pile of sheets (i.e. tissue paper)? Thank you very much..

  4. JP.

    I think this is a great project.
    The Photocell should conduct when light hits it causing the base voltage to be reduced. But the schematic shows the source voltage going directly to the base rather than through the POT wiper and one output through the Photocell to grnd and the other output going to the base.

    FYI for the person concerned with the siren voltage, most are designed to run on a voltage range from 6-14v (Radioshack 273-079).

    To the guy who mentioned the 555 timer, it would be great, but after reading some of the posts, most should just try getting noise out of the siren.

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  7. joe.

    For the guy that said “buy a shot gun and know how to f*cking use it”, you would need to be home in order to use it on the burglar…some people really don’t think about there answers.
    And burglars normally do run when there hear a sound in an empty house, especially if its a This circuit is flawed…

    The siren, a 12V siren will not run on a 9V battery correctly, even with a transistor of that spec in place.
    Burglaries take place mostly at night, the burglar would only cut the power if you lived in a wealthy area and a wealthy household, in that case there would have the tools to do this successfully and would have properly bin planned.

    Don’t use this system as a proper alarm in many cases unless you live in a high crime rate area or live in an area not so wealthy, it is mainly for a bit of fun for the average person.
    And for £20 its really not a bad buy.

  8. Matt.

    Food for thought here… any burglar that has broke in before probably knows the police response times in his area, usually 5 to 15 minutes, (I forgot where I got this statistic but it may be off…) in that time he/she(?) could have all the families valuables and be driving away in a family minivan. In the event of a break in you cant count on the police, the swat team, brinks home security, or the ice cream man. Simple advice, buy a f*cking shotgun and know how to use it.

    1. Vivi.

      I agree! I heard somewhere….When a crime is being commited you only have seconds to respond and the police are only minutes away! That is even scarier then someone trying to break in! Learn the gun laws in your state and train so you do not over react. I will always be afraid if someone tries to break my door down at 1am.

  9. alex.

    hey guys … very, very cool project for the home… but how about camping in the rough and wanting to be warned of bears in the area . a portable unit set-up for batteries would be cool.. let me know know ,,,,,please . [email protected]

  10. Rahul.

    a 555 timer is needed in addition to the circuit, so that the alarm once triggered runs continiously till the time u wanna

  11. matthew.

    i dont know what i need to make it i need a list and i need to know what holes it goes in like a picture from above and how to solder them like do you touch the wires to the other wires to make the connection i dont know how to build it

  12. Sean.

    …If you put it where a door is going to be ajar at all it will stay on no matter how far it is open. Besides All you need is .2 seconds to scare the hell out of a thief. After that he is going to bolt to the nearest crack dealer.

  13. Peter.

    This is a terrible setup.

    The alarm will only sound for how long the laser beam is broken..

    If a person walked through it, the alarm would be on for like .2 secconds LOL

    Use a PIR motion detector.

    p.s. why does he talk like he so amazing for making this crummy little circuit?

  14. moses.

    hahaha for people talking about cutting the power and chalk dust…. have you ever seen your average thief?

    I’ll give you a clue, they’re not breaking into houses because they’re intelligent.

    and if I broke into a house my first thought is going to be ‘Do they have a dog?’ vs. ‘Do they have a home-made laser alarm gaurding the doors?’

    hah which is more common do you think?

  15. Tal Siach.

    Hi Everyone, thanks for your comments.

    We haven’t tried this ourselves but thought it was a cool DIY to share with all our readers.

    It is definitely not a simple one, but still fun to see how it is done.

    Hope to see you all again. 🙂

  16. Sean.

    First off haters this is a great idea. For one a burgler would not see it, unless that is they can peer through solid doors or walls. If they could why would they be hitting your house and not a bank? Secondly the average burgler will run scared if they hear any noise it could even be squeaky toy and no burgler will cut the power. Who brings chalk to a house? It is not mission impossible. Its get in take your boose spare change and keys not your mona lisa or other priceless art.

  17. johnny jizzumseed.

    which no burglar would see? LMFAO!! come on, weve all seen lasers. in a black room the emitter and the photocell would be SUPER bright red, which he even showed in his video. but dont worry, burglars are STUPID, and wouldnt know what the red thing is.. maybe its an evil bug on the wall?

  18. jdosjd.

    K this is good if you’re at home.
    Most burglaries probably don’t take place when people are home so what good is a little siren going to do?

  19. poopmasta.

    kind of a bad idea…..
    Use a laser, which you can easily see with some chalk and evade by slipping under it, or use a conventional infrared motion detector, which scans the entire space for movement…
    This is why these laser security systems only exist in the movies

  20. brandon.

    i dont know what half that stuff is, nor where to buy it. i’d consider making it if it were in simpler terms with more detailed instructions, because it is a good idea in theory, just a bit too hard for the average person in my opinion.

  21. Chris.

    Actually the siren and photo cell is ran by a 9-Volt battery, only the laser is powered through an outlet. So if the house loses power the alarm will trip.

  22. Shawn M..

    so if it just plugs in all you have to do is shut the power off to the house and this alarm is disabled seems pretty bad to me

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