Build Your Own Wireless Bicycle Helmet with Bluetooth Headset Hacking

Would you like to be able to talk on your cellphone and ride a bicycle at the same time? Is safety as important for you as convenience? If you answered Yes to both, then this cool Do It Yourself idea is for you.

Jerryriggers have shortly explained how they have rigged a bicycle helmet with bluetooth earpieces for a leisure ride.

Bluetooth Helmet

They explain that they used a Gyro helmet with headphones already installed. After taking out the old headphones, they ended up installing the bluetooth ones, soldering a few wires and covering it with some electrical tape to cover up the job.

Although it may not be as clean or perfect as a pricey pre-installed helmet, it is a cool alternative for those that enjoy little DIY projects.

Bluetooth Helmet 2

With this cool concept, you can talk on your cellphone while riding your bicycle and still keep both your hands on the handlebars.