Solar Energy Rolls Are A Convenient Way To Have Power With You On The Go

Solar Rolls

Have you ever been camping or traveling, when your camera, mp3 player, or cellphone died? Have you ever had to carry extra batteries with you on a long trip, burdened by the weight, hassle and inconvenience?

The Solar Rolls by Brunton are convenient rolled up, flexible solar power panels that may be taken with you anywhere.

Instead of lugging on extra devices, portable chargers, or batteries, so you have power with you when you go on a trek or a day out in nature, these rolls can easily fit in your backpack, knapsack or luggage without adding on much weight.

Just imagine how nice it would be to go anywhere in the world, and not have to worry about power for your gadgets? How about a picnic and while spreading the blanket on the ground, also spread a solar roll to give you power for a laptop, radio, compact television, or even a slim game console?

These solar rolls comes in 4.5, 9 and 14 inch sizes and cost $220, $352, and $484 respectively. Although they are more expensive than regular batteries, the portability and comfort outweigh the expense.

Solar Rolls 2