Save Water by Combining the Sink with Your Toilet

I know that the title raises some eyebrows and may sound somewhat non-hygienic, but the video below will make you think otherwise.

This is a great contraption that combines a sink on top of the toilet. As you flush the toilet, the sink turns on and provides clean water for you to wash your hands with. The water continues to run for as long as the toilet is filling up.

What an imaginative way that does not require hi-tech and scary devices. It truly lives up to the 2 in 1 slogan that many products claim to fulfill.

More information on this product can be found at Sinkpositive.

One thought on “Save Water by Combining the Sink with Your Toilet

  1. Greg.

    Where do you buy it? I can not find a link to it to buy. Also, I would like to market it if you know where to get this. This is amazing and i think it would seel like wildfire spreads. I have several websites that sell vanities walk in tubs and other bathrrom stuff. I clicked the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” checkbox, so just reply to my comment with a place to contact.

    Thanks, This is real cool


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