Control a Wheelchair with Your Brain


Wheelchairs have granted certain injured or disabled individuals some mobility where they would not have otherwise. While I am almost sure any would wish not being in a wheelchair, it is probably better than not having one at all.

What about those that are have such an injury where their disability cannot allow them to even use a wheelchair? How about the ones that cannot control an electric one, let alone a regular one? Wouldn’t it be something that should be provided to all in need?

European researchers have developed a system that would allow an individual to control their wheelchair based on their thoughts only. Those that may be disabled or paralyzed from the neck down will now be able to move around as the wheelchair would allow, based on their brain’s directions.

IDIAP Research Institute in Switzerland has already run a number of successful trials using this new method. As they explain, the system uses brain signals that are received from electrodes attached to the user’s scalp.

While this technology is a wonderful step in this area alone, it could be a great advancement in additional medical areas and other fields as well. Being able to maneuver and decide without the need of a physical action is something that could only be seen in movies.

It is a wonderful step in bringing mind over matter.

In what other ways do you think this could be useful?

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2 thoughts on “Control a Wheelchair with Your Brain

  1. Jason Jones.

    hi my daughter’s Dr’s have told us she has spinalcerebral ataxia and we arent sure which or when we will know anything more than what they have said…We live in Mississippi and there is one Dr around that has dealt with this rare genetic condition and noone has any comforting answers or helpful ideas for us to offer her and its killing us all to watch a child, just at the moment in life to start filling her little brain matter like sponge up with everything she can find she is gona go backwards ad each day is her best day she will most likely ever have. I just want to know how this could work with these kids possibly as they get trapped in their little minds and cant use their voice or eyes or hearing but they can still think and are in there scared…HOW CAN WE LET THEM USE WHAT THEY HAVE THAT IS CAPABLE OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS EXPRESS AND RECEIVE THE REwARD OF MOVEMENT?

  2. mark.

    Amazing Control a Wheelchair with Your Brain incredible. I will spread the word about your site Keep up the good content, Eran Abramson, very interesting.


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