A Flying Lawnmower: I Believe I Can Fly

A Flying Lawnmower…say what?

You cannot watch this and not get a smile on your face; it is so entertaining.

Whenever anyone mentions a lawnmower, I tend to get a little down. I begin to think of chores, sweating in the sun, and having to do a task which I do not enjoy…mowing the lawn.

As a kid, I have always looked forward to mow the lawn, but as I grew up, I began to look at it as a tedious task; it is repetitive, boring, and we are just going to have to do it again in a little while.

This video brings the lawnmower to a different level…I mean c’mon, it is flying! Ok, it is made with special effects and can be done using any simple computer application, but it is so fun. You cannot say that it is not inspiring.

The video is a little old, but is still great for sharing.

Via: Geekologie