The Bioloid Humanoid Robot Kit Provides Customizable Creation


Robot toys are just amazing; they are fun to build, great to play with, and entertaining to watch.

There are so many different robots available, such as the Man’s Best Robot, the Roboporter to carry your luggage, the Lego Rubix Cube Robot, the RC flying Robot, Crime Fighting Robot and so many more.

Each has its own wonderful features and abilities, but this one comes as a kit, so you may build it one of twelve different ways (see image). Does that mean that it potentially grant 12 times the fun? Only the creator can be the judge of that.


The Bioloid Humanoid Robot has 18 servos and a fully customized motion editor, so you may program it to interact well with its environment. In addition, using its IrDA sensor, it may communicate with other like robots, as to avoid obstacles, walk, and perform other actions. Additional sensors allow it to detect different sounds and also measure different distances, granting it some intelligence.


This robotic kit is available for $899. You can find additional information, images, or even make a purchase at

An example video of the Bioloid Humanoid robot is found below, and additional examples can be found here.

Via: Automata

6 thoughts on “The Bioloid Humanoid Robot Kit Provides Customizable Creation

  1. RK.

    Haha Mike Hawk, loved the comment!
    But unfortunately wives don’t come with an on off switch, nor are they easily programmable…but the future has prospect in genetic engineering and integrating circuitry and machinery into biological organisms via nanotech for example…wow that did sound geeky, but what whatever gets the point across, that some day, wives will come with brochures!
    p.s. I’m not a chauvinist, I just enjoy comedy.

  2. Neece.

    I want one! But I want a big one that will wash my dishes, mow the lawn and clean the house! I was promised flying cars and robots to take care of menial chores and I have yet to see any of that materialize. What happened to all those great promises of the 50’s?
    I guess reality happened, but it’s a great shame. I’m so ready for a robot of my very own.


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