Virtual Plasma Crosswalks Will Protect Pedestrians

On congested city streets with many pedestrians, couriers and drivers, it is often difficult to cross. Many things are going on the same time, and even the best of drivers make an error here and there. The pedestrian has his/her own responsibility as well, looking and making sure they are out of harm’s way, but still…accidents happen and should be prevented.

The Virtual Wall is envisioned to reduce the amount of hits (pedestrians or vehicles). It is a wall created with plasma laser beams, which is to be placed on congested streets.


Based on stoplight colors and both vehicle and pedestrian territories, the timing will turn this virtual wall on. As people pass on the crosswalk, the wall’s early presence will prompt drivers to stop early enough, no vehicle could break the laser beams, thereby decreasing casualties (hopefully).

A great concept by Hanyoung Lee which we may run across (or walk) in the near future.


Via: YankoDesign