Post It Notes Get a Digital and Intelligent Makeover


Ever since post-it notes came out, they have become a big part of our everyday life. Many of us use them for daily reminders, notes, ideas, lists, organization tools and so many more things. Let’s face it, these little sticky notes are very usable: compact, handy, bright, and the best part is that no user manual is needed to learn how to use them – Just write!

With the digital era upon us or a “paperless world” we are moving towards, one would think the post-it notes would fade out, but it seems that we cannot kick this habit; these things are just plain productive. Let’s be realistic, as easy and usable as our cellphones, pda’s, or smartphones are, they do not compare to the simplicity of just jotting something down with a pen and paper.

If only we could get a little more from these wonderful post-it notes.

MIT has devised a program/device that would combine technology within the great product of the post-it. As seen in the presentation video below, a user would use the post it note as they would regularly, but the notes could automatically be transfered to a computer or even sent as a text message to a recipient. In addition, a user may also search previous notes by different keywords.


It definitely resembles the note taking products that were previously introduced with the ability of uploading handwritten notes to your computer, but this seems to be something that would be used a lot more often.


Instead of having to carry different post-its in your pocket, or writing down notes on a pad and then retyping in your calendar…this format would save the redundancy.

Would this handy little device and application be something useful for you?

Via: TechEBlog