LED Electronic Jump Rope with Counter


Looking for a simple, yet technologically efficient exercise? This jump rope concept may be that great tool.

The Jumplay by Jacky Wu is an innovative exercise jump rope that counts different measures as you are jumping.


The handles consist of the different ways which keep track of the amount of time you have been jumping, a skipping counter, and calories burnt during the exercise period. Instead of having a huge treadmill in your home, or installing a counter on a bicycle or additional machine, this concept would include it in an extremely mobile counter.


If you wish to exercise at home, you would be able to keep track of your work and further improvements. In addition, since it is merely a jump rope, it can be taken anywhere, and still have the technological innovation that many would desire.

Furthermore, the actual rope has LED, so while you are within the skipping and jumping regime, you can clearly see the amount of skips you have already climbed up to.


Via: Yanko Design