The VHS Tape is Transformed into a USB Hub


Remember the good old video tape days?

I myself had hundreds of VHS tapes laying around with different TV shows, movies, and music videos that I watched over and over. With the speedy progress of technological innovation, it seems they have become completely useless, so quick.

This great do it yourself hack has brought the video tape back to life, in a classic and practical daily use. It has transferred our long lost video item into a cool looking USB Hub.

This diy project requires one of these loved tapes, an actual USB hub, some cables, and an optional switch. You can find the directions at Instructables, along with visual imagery and how to.

For me, this project brought tears to my eyes along with nostalgic memories. How about you? Do you miss the VHS tapes?

3 thoughts on “The VHS Tape is Transformed into a USB Hub

  1. patrick.

    I don’t miss VHS as I still watch and enjoy them I have a massive collection,however i wish the still sold VHS movies in supermarkets (I now buy mine second hand). I HATE DVD it scratches so easily.Just imagine you have just spent 10 pounds on a new DVD and you scratch it,thats is 10 pounds wasted!

  2. JAB_au.

    You know you could probably get a 2.5 HDD into a VHS cassette and turn it into an external HDD. Power light one side activity light on the other.


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