Extreme Sports Pictures and Videos Made with the RUSH Wireless Camera


How many of us have seen the extreme sports videos or photographs and wondered what it felt like to be the actual person in the director’s chair?

When I ride my motorcycle, I sometimes have “close calls”, which a rush is oozing through my body. Of course, I am grateful for surviving a dangerous situation, but I am also disappointed that I wasn’t able to have a copy of it.

What can I say? I would love to have the extreme situations photographed and taped for future archives, inspiration, or reminders.

RUSH is a camera concept that may be attached to any bike helmet or bar on your bike or motorcycle. In addition, by the use of a suction cup, you can also use it while snowboarding or surfing.


This camera can be directed to take pictures in many different angles, so great, timeless action moments are taken. Since it is shockproof and waterproof, it is created for the use within extreme and fun situations. By a wireless trigger on a ring, it can take photos or videos of these memorable moments with just a click of your thumb.


Now you can stay concentrated on the task and sport, without endangering yourself with awkward mechanics to etch the moment within a photograph.

Designed by Martin Ruegg, the RUSH camera device is something I have longed for many times. Since it is meant for the Extreme Sport Fanatic in all of us, no wonder it is called RUSH.

The RUSH site above has additional information, images, action video, and also a “making of section”.

Via: Yanko Design