How to Make an Automatic Faucet for Your Cat


I always thought my ex-girlfriend’s cat was a little weird: It would avoid drinking from its water bowl at any cost and would only quench its thirst by drinking from a running faucet.

When I used to arrive at her apartment, it would lure me behind it either to the kitchen or bathroom sink, jump up and stare at me until I would turn on the faucet.


While this sounds cute and adorable, it provided a certain restriction. If I wasn’t going to be home until late, how else would it drink? If I filled its bowl with water, the cat would just nudge it, play with it, and spill the water across the floor. Although this is harmless, after it walked in the small puddles, the house and the bed sheets would receive a beautiful share of its footprints.

An automatic faucet, which would turn on when the cat is thirsty and turn off as its thirst is quenched would have made a wonderful solution.


Sixerdoodle Electronics have provided a neat Do It Yourself project of this desired automatic faucet. It is installed with a tiny infrared (IR) sensor to turn on when the cat is by, and turn off when the cat is done. Full instructions, images, and how to of this amazing DIY creation is provided at their site for all cat lovers to view.

I may not need it anymore, but I am sure that many have hoped for such an invention and may want to make one on their own.